Town Constable

Although the N.W.M.P had been in existence for many years, each town had their own constable to maintain local law and order.

Following the saga of Coronation’s early town constables through the years, is quite an entertaining story. 

The first constable was always in hot water. It seems in every Town Council meeting he had done something wrong. He either had been too strict or too lax for some problem or another.

Things finally came to a head when he was sent to investigate the local house of ill repute. It seems he was a bit too vigorous in his investigation, and stayed the night. The town mothers, who had lodged the complaint, were none too happy to say the least.  However, he humbly apologized and kept his job. 

A year or so later, off he went again to the same house of ill repute, and for some reason, not explained, he discharged his weapon.  He was fired for this, and another man was hired.

The new constable was not an improvement. Some six months later, he was brought up on charges of running a protection ring. Not only did he charge business owners for protecting them, if they didn’t pay, he is alleged to have done whatever harm he could. It is never explained what happened to him, except he was fired and the previous constable was rehired.

It must have not been a very desirable job, because the first constable was hired and fired several times over the course of the next 10 years.


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