Town of Coronation 

Welcome to the Town of Coronation's website. We are very excited and proud to show off our many assets that include an abundance of services, supports and facilities that are enjoyed and appreciated by young and old. We believe it is a great place to raise a family and a quiet and affordable community in which to spend your retirement years. As you browse through our site, we hope you will be amazed and impressed with all that we have to offer. We are the located within the County of Paintearth, with a population of 940. Our residents are proud of their community, and we offer many services and programs to enrich our resident's lifestyle. For more information, please go to our history page.

Town of Coronation 2017
Municipal Election Results

                                      Total Votes
Brett Alderdice                196                  Elected
Jackie Brigley                  183                  Elected
Ron Checkel                     216                  Elected
Shelley Cook                     176                  Elected
Keith Griffiths                  137                  Elected
Vickey Horkoff                206                  Elected
Mark Stannard                190                  Elected
Daryl Perry                         58
Rob Tkach                         135


ATCO Street Light


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